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7th ASAE International Conference

Meeting the Challenges Facing Asian Agriculture and Agricultural Economics Toward a Sustainable Future
13-15 October, 2011
Hanoi, Vietnam


Call for Papers/Posters

Asia has been emerging as a new economic force in the world. But despite this impressive economic growth, the region has continued to be confronted with issues related to poverty reduction, food security improvement, more equitable income distribution and social conflict reduction.  One reason for the prevalence of these problems is the slow development of rural economies, primarily the agriculture sector, that remains the major source of livelihood and, hence, the backbone to further economic growth.  The agriculture sector that has played a significant role in the region’s economic development in the past is now being confronted with problems, a key one is the sustenance of its rates of growth at par or even surpassing the rate of increases of food demand from population expansion and rapid urbanization.  Numerous factors are accounting for this production slowdown, the key ones include: the leveling off of yield growth rates, degradation of natural resources, competition of input use between agriculture and non-agriculture sectors, fuel price increases, and the emerging threats posed by climate change.  In addition to these factors are the need for better incentive mechanisms and sound government policies that would increase investment in productivity enhancing measures and strengthen links to markets and other agribusiness opportunities to effect growth in the rural economy.    

This emerging scenario highlights the need to reconsider existing concepts and theories as well as research tools to describe and analyze the patterns of development and linkages that are now taking place in agriculture and the rural economy This task of characterizing these emerging patterns and linkages should be a challenge for researchers, scientists and practitioners (both in the public and private sectors) alike to better inform and guide future development paths towards the achievement of more sustainable growth.   

The theme of the 7th International Conference of the Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE) aims to challenge the Agricultural Economics profession, in particular, to evaluate and define its role to assist the region hurdle the constraints facing Asian agriculture today towards the achievement of higher incomes, reducing poverty and improving food security. It is therefore inviting agricultural economists as well as other development practitioners, policymakers, academicians, researchers, and students to participate in the aforementioned conference which will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 13-15 October 2011. This event is co-organized by the ASAE Board Members and the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agricultural and Rural Development (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam).

The Conference Program Committee is now calling for papers that address various agricultural development issues of relevance especially to developing countries in Asia on the following sub-themes:

  • Asian Agriculture in Development
  • Climate Change and Sustainability of Asian Agriculture
  • Strengthening Food security in Asia
  • Development in Asian Agro-food Marketing
  • Rural development and urbanization in Asia
  • Agricultural Investment and Poverty Reduction in Developing Asia
  • Vietnamese Agriculture and Rural Development, Problems and Strategies

Requirement for paper/poster abstract:

There are three ways by which you can participate in the conference and the process of participating in any of the conference event is briefly described below:

1) An abstract on the paper you are planning to present has to be submitted on or before the deadline which is 28 Feb 2011. The abstract should be no more than 300 - three hundred words (about half a page of an A4 bond paper) describing briefly your paper: key motivation for the study, objective, information on the location and data used, methodology and results. Key words should be indicated. Also include the title of the paper and the author/authors, putting an asterisk on the proposed paper presenter. An important information that we would also want is an indication as to which theme your paper should be programmed for possible presentation which could be indicated at the bottom of the abstract

2) As a poster presenter--again based on the themes identified in the announcement. The abstract for poster presentation follows the same format is in the paper presentation as described above.

3) As a parallel session organizer. A parallel session organizer would have the responsibility of getting 3 to 4 speakers/paper presenters to make up one parallel session on a topic that would fall in any one of the 6 themes identified in the Conference announcement. You would submit to Conference Secretariat an abstract of the parallel session that would bear almost the same information except perhaps the individual results of the studies/papers that would be presented. In addition, you should also provide the expected presenters in your parallel session, an abstract of each of papers for presentation (following item 1 above). Organized parallel session could be on the results of completed research projects, almost completed projects with initial results, or proposed project/program concept that you may want to people to comment on. The Organized parallel session could also be any other development activity with implications on policy, institutional reforms, capacity building, etc that you may want colleagues to be informed about.


Submission of paper/poster abstract

15 April 2011

Notification of paper/poster acceptance

25 June 2011

Submission of full paper/poster

31 August 2011

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